Best Blender Reviews:

When considering to buy a best blender, you will find that the top end blenders are expensive!  This Site provides blender reviews and opinions of those that have used the Best Blenders.

These are things you should look at when purchasing a best Blender:

  • Warranty
  • Power (horse power)
  • Easy to use
  • Cleanable
  • Performance
  • Price

This site looks at all these criteria to give the blenders a proper and pertinent Review.

7 year warrantyWarranty – Today the standard warranty found among the best blenders is 7 years.  When you find blenders with one or two year warranty you can know that these blender will not last much longer than this.  When a blender has a 7 year Warranty you can know that the parts that are found inside them are built to last with steel gears and quality plastic canister.

Power – The best blenders have around a 3 horsepower peak performance.  Blenders with this much power have lots of RPMs which in turn create smooth smoothies and blend your food or crush your ice the best.  When you have low power the blending not only takes longer but the outcome is chunkier and doesn’t taste as good.

Easy to use – When you are investing in an expensive appliance you want to be sure that you will be using it.  If the appliance is difficult or confusing to use you will most likely not use the product as much.

Performance-  You want the best performance in every blending situations.  Each blender performs differently in different situations.